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Best Text Messaging Apps for Android in 2021

Handling your phone, especially reading sms or responding to them while driving is amongst the primary reasons for lots of road mishaps all around the world. Hence, it shouldn’t come being a surprise how the police of numerous countries are actually cracking upon the usage of phones while driving. Everything on your own phone is usually a distraction, whether it is your navigation, very good music player, using a conversation or texting. Many people will ask how you can apps to read text messages free or cautious apps to learn sms out? One way to eliminate some of the distractions is always to have your phone read sms out aloud.

5 free text apps for Android that send real SMS messages

Pulse SMS is surely an intriguing and very, very customizable texting app. but that’s not the actual draw. Pulse is often a texting app that assists bring your text messages to everyone your other devices, too, from tablets to computers. Pulse has additionally added password-protected private conversations box just in case you need to protect the identity and messages of the sources, for example.

To get started using ReadItToMe, download the app from your Google Play Store. Once installed and started, you may be asked if you need to learn to use ReadItToMe or maybe wing it. Take the time to feel the tutorial. It really explains the basics and you will find out how easy it really is to use and exactly what it can do for you personally.


Google Voice is a great free texting app and easily the most popular. It permits you to send free SMS messages making free calls inside the U.S. or Canada. Those outside of those areas have spotty coverage at best. In any case, you are doing get some extra perks, being a decent Google Chrome extension for computer use, a nifty app with Material Design, plus some great voicemail selections for calls. The SMS and MMS support is great, but nothing too different from what we’ve seen for this list. It’s a rock solid option and in all probability normally the one you should try first. Please note, you do have to have a Google account for this app.